As long as there are individuals who demand quality, originality, change, and the look and feel of real wood; the demand for veneer will continue to exist and likely expand into other applications as well. Eastern Panel  manufactures and delivers quality veneer and plywood products to a wide range of industries and professionals. Veneer is a truly unique material in that it is extremely flexible and versatile, it's beautiful, earth-friendly and renewable, and loans itself to applications that are not possible in solid wood form.

We've listed the areas below to outline how our products can be used for your projects. If you don't see your particular industry or application here, our highly qualified technical staff in our customer service department are able to assist you in determining needs and answering specific questions directly related to your application.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please give us a call or contact us here.

  • Eco Friendly Wood Products
  • Cabinet and Door Refacing
  • Store Fixture Components
  • Wood Millwork
  • Wood Stair Building
  • Furniture Veneer
  • Cabinet Makers
  • Wood Pool Table Manufacturers
  • Jewelry Boxes and Humidors
  • Motor Coach and RV Interiors
  • Musical Instrument