Veneer Laminated Plywood

The term plywood has several different meanings when it comes to the type of board. This includes Veneer Core, Medium Density Fiberboard, and Particleboard Core. Veneer Core Plywood (VC) is made from three or more layers of wood veneer with grain alternating at 90°. The veneer is cross-layered and joined together by an adhesive. Because of the way in which veneer core is constructed, it also resists cracking, bending, warping, and shrinkage. Pound for pound veneer core plywood is stronger than steel in static bending strength due to cross-layered structure. Medium Density Fiberboard Plywood (MDF) is made from fine wood dust mixed with a binder and heat-pressed into panels. This material is extremely stable to work with, and is typically very consistent from batch to batch. The surface below the veneer is typically free of voids and blisters, resulting in a better veneer consistency and bond. With this better bonding of the wood veneer, there is less chipping during a crosscut operation. Particleboard Core Plywood (PBC) uses a coarser wood dust than MDF. Because of this, it has a slightly lower weight, but the edges and surfaces are not as smooth and consistent.

Eastern Panel uses only the highest quality plywood for laminating to ensure a balanced product. Our state of the art facility is complete with automatic panel lines. Manufacturing projects are completely customizable as we offer cut-to-size, sheet stocks, mock sheet stocks, any matching (book, slip, etc.), your choice of veneer and high pressure laminates that are machine ready.

Wood Veneer Sheets

Eastern Panel's Hardwood Veneers make it possible to utilize wood veneer in more novel and unique applications than ever before. The hallmarks of our laminates are flexibility, pliability, choices (in adhesive backings), sizes, and sequencing and matching. Our vast inventory of veneer faces and flitches can be combined with backers that are best suited to the demands of your jobs; jobs such as radius work, and different sizes in either long or short grain orientation.Eastern Panel also offers a backer that accepts water-based adhesive that meets requirements in states where there are restrictions on solvent based adhesives.

Veneer Edgebanding

Eastern Panel's Edgebanding is produced by joining individual pieces of veneer together into a continuous master roll by finger-jointing the veneer. The rolls are laminated with a fleece, then sanded and slit to finished widths.

Finger joints are made by joining the veneer together using a die cut finger layout in the veneer and then gluing them together using joint tape.

To ensure color and grain matching at the finger joint, every other piece of veneer is flipped end to end. The fleece (cellulous membrane) laminated to the back of the veneer provides strength to reduce cracking and breaking. The fleece is also colored to blend with the veneer to reduce any line between the banding and the substrate.

Cabinetry Systems

Here at Eastern Panel, we invest exceptional time and detail in our residential, commercial, industrial cabinetry systems. We strive to deliver products that bring offices, restaurants, retail spaces, hotels, and homes to life. Whatever you need, we can build it to the exact specifications you require and the finest quality standards you expect. We promise to deliver on time and within budget. Examples of the commercial millwork products we build include:

  • Reception desks
  • Custom workstations
  • Teller stations
  • Restaurant fixtures
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • And more!